About us

We are a company that offers innovative and quality solutions in the construction world.

Our story began way back in 1978 when the founder Mario Germani and the founder Fernanda Gaetani Molle decided to open a small hardware store in Via Rivolta with a building material warehouse in Via Scolpeto in Roccasecca. Years, sacrifices, satisfactions and changes have passed from the small hardware store with a warehouse of building materials to the company we are today.

What we are today is the result of the sacrifices, courage and will of dear Mario and Fernanda, who during the first years of activity had to face numerous difficulties, never giving up and continuing to believe in their dreams.

Thanks to commitment, sacrifices and love for one's business, the first satisfactions slowly arrived.

The moment that most marked our history was the transfer of the entire business to the property where we are currently located in Via Panniglia II, 56 in Roccasecca.

Initially, in the new property, there was almost nothing except an old house with 3 rooms, without electricity and without toilets. Nonetheless, Mario and Fernanda did not give up, building, brick by brick, everything that exists today: one of the first things done was a work desk made from an old table found in the house which Fernanda brought back to life with some coat of paint.

With just as much work and sacrifice, many other small and great satisfactions came in the following years.

To date, the company continues thanks to the strength of Fernanda and her sons Alessandro and Diego and above all continues to grow just as dear Mario would have wanted.

One of our greatest strengths are the people who work with us, who have helped us grow and continue to do so every day with commitment, dedication and a lot of goodwill.


Our mission is to help those who choose to rely on us to create the home of their dreams. We do this through tailored planning, tailored to the needs and desires of the individual customer so that he always feels "at home".

We combine our experience of over 40 years with the latest technologies in the field to guarantee effective and efficient solutions for construction and renovation work.

Our main services:
- Tailored design and sale of materials for interior and exterior renovation;
- Technical product consultancy for sector professionals (architects, engineers and surveyors)
- Technical consultancy and sale of materials for industries, restaurants and hotels;
- Consulting, design and sale of photovoltaic systems.

We are able to provide integrated solutions by providing the project, services and products as a single interlocutor for the entire project.


We are dreaming of a place where clients, architects and professionals can find functional solutions together.

Our values

because a smile makes life worthwhile

Please do not listen to old fashioned mathematicians. One plus one makes three...


“We should behave ourselves correctly instead of being corrected” - Marco Aurelio -

"Beauty will save the world"
- Dostoevskij -

"We shape our buildings; therafter they shape us"- Winston Churchill -

Companies are made of people

Mario Germani
Founder  / General Manager 

Fernanda Gaetani Molle

Alessandro Germani
Administration and Purchasing Office

Anna Raso
Sales office

Diego Germani

Giovanni Neri
Hardware Specialist

Andrea Meleo
Logistic Specialist

Mauro Vessella