40 years of business: the founder testifies

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“Germani was founded in 1978. I founded the company, a shop for building materials, with the support of Fernanda, who would have become my wife at a later point in time. Initially it was a small store in the centre of Roccasecca. The garage beneath served as our warehouse. 1979 was an important year for Germani as well; it was the year in which we moved to the actual headquarters in Via Panniglia 56.
Hard work, constant effort, passion and earnestness towards as well our clients as our suppliers and employees are the key elements that have kept the business going.  One needs time to reach his goals. Managing a proper business is comparable with keeping a sailboat on track; there is no such thing as a groomed path or an exact road to follow, one needs to adapt his itinerary to the circumstances.  The only thing a sailor is sure of is his destination.
In the year 2018, Fernanda and I celebrated Germani’s 40th anniversary, together with our sons – Alessandro & Diego- and our employees. Today, at the gateway of 2020 the company is planning for the future again. We are looking at new products and services to help our customers realize their projects, creating the best possible environment to spend their life in.”
(Mario Germani, Founder)