Why kitchen gardens will be desirable until the end of days

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In big cities the phenomenon of having a kitchen garden inside of … well …. your kitchen is arising. That’s right, all you need is the space to fit in a machine the size of a dish washer that recreates the exact atmosphere the veg or fruit, that you want to grow, needs. These new domestic appliances now allow people who do not have a garden at their disposal to grow their very own crops as well. But also people who have always had the outdoor space to grow crops seem to be appreciating this a lot more than before. Here are seven reasons why kitchen gardens will be desirable until the end of days:

1.Independence is key
In a world where few multinationals cultivate food for entire populations, maintaining a certain level of independence sounds like a dream. After all, eating is a primary need, and your kitchen garden puts you one step ahead in worst case scenarios.

2. Oh hello true meaning of “biological produce”
There is no such thing as a more ecological way to produce food : interchanging the crops you grow preserves the natural nutrients in your soil and the products you consume are km 0: neither personal trips to the supermarket, nor the transport  from the supplier to the supermarket or grocery shop impact your ecological footprint – and thus conscious- anymore. Huray! Furthermore, you will not be using any dodgy pesticides on crops that might end up on your plate at some point in time, will you?And o yeah, you are eliminating the plastic waste that the packaging in shops brings about. In other words, the advantages for the planet seem endless here!

3. Byebye gym #Solongsuckersmycropsarekeepingmefitterthanyours
Mens sano in corpore sano, or a healthy mind in a healthy body are famous words, that, even though uttered for the first time centuries ago, are still actual. Even though they are appearing in other forms, … that is… as an Instagram story for example … stating “Byebye gym #Solongsuckersmycropsarekeepingmefitterthanyours 💪 💪 😎😎

4. Rediscover the (true) taste of every season
The second half of February you are already eagerly looking forward for spring to arrive on you plate; that’s right you are peckish for artichokes, in May you are daydreaming about a handful of freshly picked cherries, and at the end of august you are already mouth-watering when you think about mandarins and kale. Not always having all fruit and veg at your disposal in each and every moment, makes you appreciate the true taste of your crops even more when their time of year arrives. Sounds familiar to you?

5. Harvesting more than you can manage? Store a variety of pickled items in your pantry!
Ok, we acknowledge, it’s not always a good news show. At the end of the season you might be really put up with a certain veg and O. MY. GODDDDD. let it be that plant that keeps on sharing its fruits joyfully… ughhh. Well, there is no need to despair or to eat them against your will when you can pickle them or transform them into delicious marmalades! We bet there will be some family discussions going on about who is allowed to consume the last remaining jar in a couple of months’ timeIt helps you to relax whilst feeling satisfied at the same time

6. A blessing for your health!
Can anyone tell us why home grown strawberries are so much tastier, sweeter and fuller? Quite simple; because they are not the product of any industrial processes. Because they are grown with passion, they are being cared for; the plants are respected! Unprocessed products are a blessing for your digestion and metabolism. So yes, please do dig in into that second slice of strawberry pie, after all the damage is under control.

7. It helps you to relax whilst feeling satisfied at the same time
Remaining in contact with nature does not only help you to find inner peace on the most chaotic days, but every plant that grows and at a later point in time every bite you take, brings about an unpreceded sense of satisfaction, inner joy.