We cherish our mixing machine and here are 5 reasons why

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Not so long ago the creation of a customised colour required a good craftsman and some time. Today, however, a few minutes and some good advice do the job, thanks to mixing machines, that blend colours in no time. We cherish our mixing machine and here are 5 reasons why.

Precision and accuracy

Our Baldini Tecnocolor mixing machine is able to create over 1188 shades; it offers what might seem infinite custom colouring options! Once chosen, the colour is ready in a few minutes time. Our favourite perk? If needed, the exact same shade can be recreated. That’s right, colours used in the past can also be brought in and reproduced on the spot.

Customer Service

The days in which we had to stick to base colours and maybe even compromise belong to the past. It is our pleasure to walk the path to perfection by your side; after all customer service is an attitude, not a job.

Fast & Fluid technology

Our mixing machine runs on fast & fluid technology and therefore is a synonym of reliability. It belongs to the state-of-the-art in the world of colour. In other words; this machine delivers high quality over and over again.

No limits

The options seem endless. Our range includes water-based and wax- based paint, wood and steel varnishes, primers, base coats and top coats, anti-mould paint, hydropaint, shiny and matt finishes, jars from 750 ml up to buckets of 14 lt and so many more. Visit the site of our partner Baldini Vernici for all technical information regarding the paint and varnish types we offer.

Space for creativity

The wide range of possibilities enhances proper creativity. Choose and combine until you reach the mood that works for you!

Having a mixing machine at your disposal brings about a whole lot of advantages. Its’ precision and the infinite amount of options in combination with an upgrade of our customer service level guarantee satisfaction.
Have you got any questions left ? Contact us. We’ll be very happy to help.