Advantages of cork that no one has ever told you before

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Have you ever wondered where cork comes from? It is the bark of an oak, the cork oak, which grows in the area of the Mediterranean Sea. None of these trees are cut down when harvesting cork; the bark of the tree is simply taken off. The tree subsequently reproduces its’ bark and after nine years it is harvested again. A perfectly sustainable and renewable cycle! Exactly the type of production mother nature is craving for in this very moment.

The advantages of cork in buildings

Besides its’ sustainable life cycle, the natural properties of cork are interesting as well: 
It is elastic, water-repellent, antibacterial, isolating and soundproofing. Natural perfection for wine taps that is, but also for wall and floor coverings.  

This last application of cork turns buildings into an ecological haven, reducing plastics and chemicals used to a minimum, and the air we breathe inside of them into maximum quality air. But apart from the environmental aspect, how can we maximise the advantages of cork inside of buildings?

When cork is referred to as being elastic, is meant that cork has a “memory”. Or in other words, it adapts to the objects you put on it and when they are removed, it readapts into its’ original form. Therefore, cork floors are better for your joints than for example wooden or tile floors.

Fungus is the most common cause of allergies. It is caused by bacteria and a lack of circulating air. Cork allows your home to breathe, and is antibacterial, so fungus has no chance to survive.

No more cold pavements in winter, and no loss of energy, as cork does its’ part in terms of insulation.

Furthermore, cork is water-repellent and soundproofing; characteristics that come in handy when looking into floors of corridors for example.

Granorte® a touch of innovation & design

Granorte® combines these natural benefits of cork with innovative technologies and design. Just naming a few of their technologies:

To ensure an easy installation, guaranteeing quality that lasts, Granorte® uses uniclic. A patented click in system. Additionally, it is the only cork brand that has obtained the Microban certificate, a certificate that guarantees no bacteria whatsoever. And finally Granorte® colours and designs the different patterns on the cork using the latest hot coating technology.

Granorte® offers different product lines with different compositions for different uses and or needs. You can discover their effects in the online simulator or consult their catalogue here.

Any questions left? Download Granorte®’s FAQ list here or feel free to contact us; we’ll be happy to help!