5 reasons why we are fond of Toshiba’s air conditioner Seiya

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Nomen est omen” or “the name is a pre-sign”: is an ancient Latin expression that turns out to be still actual. Need proof?  Seiya means “peaceful nights” in Japanese and the silence and quality that are united in Toshiba’s air conditioner Seiya, give us 5 good reasons to sleep peacefully and completely worry-free:

1. The quality-price ratio is excellent.

Have you ever bought an object that has given you a profound sensation of satisfaction every time you’ve seen it in your house? An object that truly adds value to your daily life and that is worth every penny spent on it? You’ve certainly guessed already: we experience these joyful moments when we see and use Toshiba’s air conditioner Seiya.

2. Quality and respect for the environment meet.

In order to live well and contribute to maintaining a clean environment for our grandchildren and for the future of the earth, we need to choose products that have been developed with the goal of taking care of the environment. Seiya is innovative, offered with a new generation cooling product R32 and respects the environment. Furthermore, it has an ECO function, that regulates the temperature of the room automatically, as it reduces the operating load of the unit, thus saving energy.

3. Aesthetics are important.

Its’ compact and modern design, makes that Seiya adapts perfectly to every environment and all types of furniture.

4. One series for all needs.

Toshiba’s air conditioner Seiya exists in 7 sizes, from 1.5kw to 6.5kw, which makes it suitable for all kind of rooms. The ECO function regulates the temperature of the room automatically, as it reduces the operating load of the unit, thus saving energy. Furthermore the Hi-Power function cools or heats the room more quickly. This can come in handy when you are coming back home after a long absence for example.

5. Everything is under control

Managing your AC from a distance has never been so easy: Using the app Toshiba Home AC Control, all you need is your tablet or smartphone and you can keep everything under control with a few clicks, even if you are not at home. Who prefers using a classic remote controller does not need to fear though, they remain available as well.

And at last…. Toshiba’s warranty  

Toshiba has activated a new promotion: “Double and triple warranty 2019”, valid on items purchased until the 31st of July 2019.
Furthermore, in some cases, purchases of this sort can benefit from a fiscal deduction up to 65% or the incentive “Conto Termico”.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information; after all, who believes in the products of Toshiba, finds it pleasant to talk about them.