We cherish our mixing machine and here are 5 reasons why

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Not so long ago the creation of a customised colour required a good craftsman and some time. Today, however, a few minutes and some good advice do the job, thanks to mixing machines, that blend colours in no time. We cherish our mixing machine and here are 5 reasons why. Precision and accuracy Our Baldini Tecnocolor mixing machine is able …


How to choose the light bulb that suits your needs best

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The change from summer to winter time immediately brings about a merciless decrease in the amount of daylight we are exposed to. This makes us realise that summer is really truly over and that we should buckle up for a long cold winter. As we stroll around at local winter fairs and spend the first evenings of the season at …

5 reasons why we are fond of Toshiba’s air conditioner Seiya

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“Nomen est omen” or “the name is a pre-sign”: is an ancient Latin expression that turns out to be still actual. Need proof?  Seiya means “peaceful nights” in Japanese and the silence and quality that are united in Toshiba’s air conditioner Seiya, give us 5 good reasons to sleep peacefully and completely worry-free: 1. The quality-price ratio is excellent. Have …